Today travelling has become a rather strange endeavour.

hava, travel, train, detail

In 1837 Victor Hugo described the view from a train window: "The flowers by the side of the road are no longer flowers but flecks, or rather streaks, of red or white; there are no longer any points, everything becomes a streak." Today  trains are so fast, there is almost nothing left to see. Except, perhaps, some ephemeral dialogue written on a foggy window. The photographs were taken in February 2009 on a TGV from Paris to Strasbourg.

hava, travel, truck, detail

On the highway big trucks block the view and hinder the traffic. But some of them may as well be seen as rolling works of art. The photographs were taken from inside a moving car between 2009 and 2010 on various European highways. They are printed on tarpaulin. The size corresponds to the hight and width of an average 28 t European truck, i.e. 4 meters  by 2. 55 meters.

hava, travel, ship, detail

Some ships don't sail to sea any more. They get recycled in wrecking sites all over the world, the biggest and most notorious ones being in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. These pictures, however, were taken in 2013 at the site of the very reputable Galloo company in Ghent, Belgium. Nevertheless, you cannot help but feel remorse at the pitiful shape of the ship. It lies there like a disembowelled whale, torn apart by a small demolition excavator resembling a voracious theropod.

Have we mentioned planes, yet?