In the tradition of René Magritte and the ensuing conceptual art, "Words" investigates the relationship of language and reality with particular attention to the use of clichés.


words, war, the conquering hero, detail

"War“explores the discrepancies between the bellicose utterances of rulers throughout the centuries and the imagery of war. Sequences of six prints each depict freeze frames of propaganda footage mostly of WW I, WW II and of the Cold War. The images are subtitled with short excerpts of speeches, letters, etc., of notorious warmongers.

hava, words, business, costs, detail

In "Business", short excerpts of annual reports from the year 2007 from several leading banks and corporations have been underlaid with pictures of the twirling lights of amusement parks. The merging of words and images accentuates the dissimulation of true meaning.


hava, words, love, l'extase, detail

In "Love“, the merging of flower images with love poems emphasizes the loss of emotional control. The letters, words and verses of the poems dissolve from afar and can only be read from a close, intimate distance. If a poem has several stanzas, the picture has several parts accordingly.